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7 Questions to ask when Buying a House in Sheffield

Moving Home Mortgage Advice in Sheffield

So, you’ve finally decided to start the Moving Home process in Sheffield. Whether you are a First Time Buyer in Sheffield or a Home Mover in Sheffield, there are many different things to consider before starting the Moving Home process.

Costs are a big thing to consider when Moving Home in Sheffield, for example, mortgages, removal vans, solicitor fees, etc. However, have you considered other things that come with moving home?

Things to consider when Moving Home in Sheffield

1. Location

Have you thought about where you want to live and what costs will come with it?

Deciding where you want to live is the most important thing to consider when buying a home in Sheffield. You may want to live in the heart of the city to get that breath of city life, or you may want to do the complete opposite and live in a rural setting further away from the city centre.

As a Mortgage Broker in Sheffield, generally speaking, we often find that the further you move out from the city, the more you’ll pay for a home and for the cost of living. We say this because if you choose to live further out from the city, you may have to consider transport costs, your limited access to shops, schools and amenities.

Sometimes it depends on your stage in life, if you’re planning to start a family, do you want to move into a rural setting that is potentially further away from schools. If not, perhaps an inner-city location would benefit you more. As your living circumstances change, it’s likely that your preferences of where your want to live will change also.

2. Transport

When deciding where to live in Sheffield, you have to consider transport and how you are going to get from ‘A to B’.

If you’re employed and your job requires you to drive, it will be worth considering how you are going to get to work before you buy a home.

Do you usually drive to work? If so, how easy is it to get there? If you usually get the bus, is there a route that goes by your home and by your work? Even if you walk or bike, it’s worth thinking about how long it’s going to take you to get there. Sometimes, it may even be the case of getting a train then a bus.

No matter what mode of transport that you use, you must consider how you are going to get to and from places before buying the property in Sheffield.

3. Schools, colleges

As mentioned before, if you are planning to start a family in Sheffield, it’s always a good idea to think about education and how close the schools and colleges are to you.

You may also want to do your research on the schools and colleges to make sure that they will be the right fit for both you and your children. If you feel like you’ve found the right schools for your children, you should still check if whether you’re within the catchment area or not.

4. Local amenities

Depending on what you want to get out of your local area, the location that you want to live in may change.

You’ll have to consider the proximity of local shops, nearest supermarket or even how close you are to restaurants and bars. You may even want to check how close local parks, gyms, open office spaces are.

When buying a house in Sheffield, as a Mortgage Broker in Sheffield, we would always recommend writing down a list of what you need and what you would like. When you’ve found a home that you want to make an offer on, compare the property to your “wish list”.

5. Family & friends

If you are a family person, you may want to make sure that you live near your family.

Living near family or friends could be helpful in many different ways, but one that stands out is when you need family support with the children. This could help with school runs, childcare or emergencies.

Friends and family are an important part of life, so it may also be that you would like to be as close to them as possible, or at least just a short distance away.

6. Value for money

Another thing to consider when Moving Home in Sheffield is value for money.

When we say this, are you getting what you paid for? Is the home worth the money or will you have to pay more for things like home improvements? Also, is the house likely to increase in value over time?

Typically, the further out of the city that you move, the more expensive a property will be. With property prices constantly on the rise, you should expect to make the money back on the property eventually.

7. Community

As a Mortgage Broker in Sheffield, this is one of the final things that we recommend that you consider.

When deciding where to live in Sheffield, it could be a good idea to see if the local area has built a community. To be ‘part of a local community’ involves things such as local events, book fairs, arts, crafts, etc. These activities usually take place during the local community hall or church.

This may not seem like a major factor to consider when deciding where to live in Sheffield, however, for future or current parents, this could be a big part of their decision.

We advise that you take some time to check what happens in the local area. You could ask your estate agent to find out for you or look at local websites.

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