The equity release product lifetime mortgage is available to you if you are a homeowner in Sheffield who is over 55 years old.

This product enables you to extract tax-free funds from the equity of your property while holding onto ownership. The sum you can borrow is contingent on your age and the valuation of your property, and the loan is paid off when you pass away or transition into permanent care.

As interest accumulates, the debt also grows, however, many prefer to let interest roll over without making monthly payments. Upon the sale of your property, the loan is repaid. This kind of mortgage can be accessed, even if you have never had a mortgage before.

However, remember that getting a lifetime mortgage in Sheffield may affect your potential inheritance and could influence your eligibility for means-tested benefits, particularly if you decide against repaying the interest.

The Difference Between Lifetime Mortgages and Equity Release in Sheffield

A lifetime mortgage belongs to the class of equity release products which make it feasible for homeowners to raise funds against the value of their property. Equity release in Sheffield envelops various products, and a lifetime mortgage is merely one.

Speaking with a specialist mortgage advisor in Sheffield is crucial when considering options such as a lifetime mortgage, home reversion plan, or other options like retirement interest only mortgages. Their beneficial knowledge will aid you in understanding and selecting the most suitable option for your circumstances.

Types of Lifetime Mortgage in Sheffield

Two primary forms of lifetime mortgage are available in Sheffield: lump sum lifetime mortgage and drawdown lifetime mortgage.

With a lump sum mortgage, you are granted a single release of the funds you want to extract. This gives you the ease of accessing all funds at once, although it results in a larger loan overall.

Conversely, a drawdown lifetime mortgage allows the borrowing of only the necessary amount, offering more control over finances and enabling you to pay interest only on the amount withdrawn. This is favourable if you do not need the full amount instantly.

Either way, you can choose for the interest to accrue without making any payments, however, this may affect the inheritance left for your beneficiaries once the property is sold and the mortgage is settled.

Taking advantage of our services, our mortgage advisors in Sheffield can help you set aside some equity during the initial stages to protect it for inheritance. Additionally, our membership with the Equity Release Council gives us the ability to provide a “No Negative Equity Guarantee”. This relieves any worries about a debt surpassing the value of your property by assuring you that your estate will never owe more than the value of the property.

Upon selling the property, any leftover debt is written off and the funds are handed over to the mortgage lender. This provides you with peace of mind that your family will not be encumbered with any financial responsibilities that exceed the property’s worth.

Paying Off a Lifetime Mortgage in Sheffield

The repayment of your lifetime mortgage in Sheffield happens upon the termination of the mortgage, due to passing away or transitioning to permanent care.

The borrowed amount and any accumulated interest (if the interest payments haven’t been made) are to be covered by the sale of your home. It is the responsibility of your recipients or executors of your estate to initiate the sale and repay the mortgage lender. A period of 12 months is usually offered for this purpose.

If the property has not been sold within this period, the lender has the right to orchestrate the sale. They typically acknowledge current market conditions and understand that selling the property at a given time is not always possible. As long the selling price is fair and reflects current market conditions, they are usually compassionate and lenient. The

Pros and Cons of a Lifetime Mortgage in Sheffield

A lifetime mortgage in Sheffield, a form of equity release product, has the advantage of offering flexibility in selecting a lump sum or a steady income in exchange for your home’s worth. However, like any financial product, it carries its benefits and drawbacks and requires careful contemplation before making any decisions.

The primary benefit of a lifetime mortgage in Sheffield is the liberty of being able to access the equity in your home without the need to sell it. This permits you to remain in your property whilst appreciating the released funds. Also, a lifetime mortgage does not demand monthly repayments. Instead, the interest on the borrowed sum is added to the outstanding balance which is repaid when the property is sold, typically upon the borrower’s passing or moving into full-time care.

In contrast, there are some associated risks to be aware of. The loan value depends on factors such as age, health and the value of your property. Should your health deteriorate or your property’s value diminish over time, obtaining the required amount could be a challenge. The growth of interest could also significantly augment the overall debt throughout the loan which may potentially reduce your inheritance.

Moreover, signing for a lifetime mortgage in Sheffield could jeopardize your entitlement to state benefits such as pension credit or council tax reduction. It’s important to seek expert advice to apprehend how it could impact your specific circumstances.

With attentive consideration of the advantages and disadvantages, engaging with a professional advisor is a must before proceeding with a lifetime mortgage in Sheffield.

Discuss with a Lifetime Mortgage Advisor Today

We offer a free consultation with a specialised lifetime mortgage advisor in Sheffield for those wanting to find out more about equity release and lifetime mortgages. In this session, we can delve into your circumstances and look at whether a lifetime mortgage is a viable option for you.

Our devoted mortgage advisors in Sheffield will provide a detailed explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of lifetime mortgages in Sheffield, addressing any queries or concerns you may have. Whether or not you decide to progress with the application process, we encourage the involvement of your family in the discussion, ensuring everyone is in the loop.

In some cases, a lifetime mortgage may not be the option for you. By exploring your equity release options in Sheffield, you may find that other options exist that will benefit you more.

Arrange a free mortgage appointment today, and we will assess whether an option such as equity release in Sheffield through a lifetime mortgage or alternative options like retirement interest-only mortgages, is in line with your financial goals and aspirations. To find out about the features and pitfalls of equity release in Sheffield, you can request a personalised illustration.

Date Last Edited: February 20, 2024