In 2014, the government introduced the Forces Help to Buy Scheme in response to the positive outcomes observed from other Help to Buy Schemes.

This initiative was specifically tailored to address the relatively low rate of home ownership within the Tri-Service community, encompassing the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army, and Royal Air Force. Eligibility for the scheme is contingent upon meeting specific criteria established by the government.

Positioned within the Ministry of Defence’s Defence Accommodation Strategy, the Forces Help to Buy Scheme aligns with the overarching goal of providing all service personnel with access to quality home ownership opportunities.


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This strategy acknowledges the manifold benefits that home ownership can bring to individuals with mobile careers, such as enhanced employability for partners, stability for children’s education, and a seamless transition for members exiting active service.

Initially projected to conclude in 2019, the success of the Forces Help to Buy Scheme led to its extension and eventual transformation into a permanent policy. Consequently, this scheme now stands as an enduring tool, consistently accessible to all Tri-Service members in the foreseeable future.

Undoubtedly, the Forces Help to Buy Scheme plays a pivotal role in fostering home ownership within the service community while catering to the distinctive requirements of those with mobile career paths.

How does the Forces Help to Buy Scheme work?

The Forces Help to Buy (FHTB) Scheme allows eligible service personnel to borrow up to 50% of their annual salary, with a maximum cap of £25,000, to buy their first or new family home.

This loan comes with no interest and can cover expenses like deposits, solicitor and estate agent fees, as well as stamp duty land tax.

To qualify for FHTB, you should be a regular personnel who has completed the required service time (not a reservist or Military Provost Guard Service member), have over 6 months of service left when applying, and meet specific medical categories.

Some exceptions can apply based on special medical and personal situations. An advantage of FHTB is that it enables you to enter the property market without needing savings. You can repay the FHTB loan over 10 years, and most mortgage lenders accept it as a deposit.

For detailed information about the Forces Help to Buy Scheme, refer to the official government guidance website.

How a Mortgage Advisor in Sheffield May Be Able To Help

Being a respected and reliable mortgage broker in Sheffield, we hold great respect for the servicemen and women of our country and are dedicated to helping you on your path to homeownership.

Starting from the initial contact with us all the way to finalising your mortgage and beyond, your assigned mortgage advisor in Sheffield will guarantee you receive outstanding support and the most suitable solutions tailored to your requirements.

Note; The Forces Help to Buy is not the same as a standard UK Help to Buy in Sheffield or Shared Ownership Scheme in Sheffield either.

If you’re a service member aged 55 or above and are exploring the Forces Help to Buy Scheme for relocating, it’s wise to consider alternatives like equity release or retirement interest-only mortgages (RIO Mortgages) in Sheffield. Your forces pensions might hold advantages in such situations.

For further insight into equity release in Sheffield and lifetime mortgages, you can schedule a complimentary mortgage consultation to grasp their attributes and associated risks.

Remember, a lifetime mortgage could influence your estate’s value and potentially affect your eligibility for ongoing and future means-tested benefits. The loan and accrued interest must be repaid upon death or transitioning into long-term care.

Date Last Edited: September 15, 2023